10 Early Signs Of Transgenderism In Babies

In recent years, the Untied States has undergone significant cultural shifts in gender and sexuality. For most of our history, homosexuality has been something that comes with a great deal of adversity and very little understanding. Thanks to the proliferation of information technology and social media platforms, awareness has increased in recent years, but there is still much work to be done.

First off, let’s get a very important point established: Sex refers to your biological anatomy, sexuality is whom you are attracted to, and gender is your identity (how you feel inside).

As with many issues, education often begins with the parents. Adolescents and teenagers frequently exhibit behavioral signs of gender dysphoria, but all too often their needs are not addressed because their parents, teachers, and other members of their support group are not able to recognize these behavioral cues. It doesn’t mean those parents, teachers, and others are bad people, it just means that they require more information and exposure to the topic.

What follows are 12 signs that your child may possibly be transgender – it’s important to note that no single sign (or single instance of a single sign) is necessarily confirmation of transgenderism. If your child exhibits any of these signs, please seek the opinion of a licensed medical professional. (Continues on Page 2)